We appreciate this opportunity that we can invite yours esteemed school.


Our league belongs to Taichung, Taiwan Siang Shang Junior High School. We are “Siang Shang Junior League”. Our group is composed of Siang Shang Junior high school baseball representative and baseball club members. Besides the Taiwan junior league and the society union competitions, we have planned not only exchange of Japan but also connections the countries from America and Europe. On the other hand, we had invited Japanese Elementary of Yamaguchi University in 2012, and offered them “Home Stay”.


We believe that the baseball competition between Taiwan and the West will allow us to realize the culture differences and increase our knowledge of one another.


We are grateful and we hope to have a long cooperation in the future.


Details are as follows:

(1)   Time:2014/07/27~2014/08/11, Basically 5 days 4 night

(2)   Program: Party, Competition, Central Taiwan invitational competition

(3)   Expense: Airline ticket, Insurance, Airport pick up, Tours, Entourages

(4)   Offer: for player only: Home Stay, Daily transportation fee, Tours in central Taiwan

(5)   The number of players: Once each summer & Winter, 16 players in total (two players in a group)

(6)   Registration: Please fill out all forms and send to Mr. Jiang’s email- john01060914@yahoo.com.tw

(7)   DeadlinePlease fill out the form before May.31

(8)   Admission notice: Please check the website


(9)   If you have any question please contact:

Mr. Lee, the team leader

E-mail: loenn25@hotmail.com

Phone number: +886-955990589

Mr. Jiang, the Head Coach of Shiang Shang Senior high school

           E-mail: john01060914@yahoo.com.tw

         Phone number: +886-936496207



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